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International yoga day

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice that gives calmness, peace, confidence, and courage to the people by which they can do several activities in a much better way. At every level of existence, it is a state of harmony. Yoga is practiced in various forms in the whole world. This year, International Yoga Day is being celebrated with the theme of YOGA FOR HUMANITY.

21st JUNE is celebrated as International Yoga Day annually, it is also known as World Yoga Day.

When was Yoga Day first celebrated?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the idea of Yoga Day first on 27 September 2014, throughout his speech at the UN General Assembly, he put his suggestion in front of all. 177 member states of UNGA recommended the draft resolution was then put forward by India. The first International Yoga Day was celebrated next year in the whole world in JUNE 21,2015.

Why is the International Day of Yoga is celebrated on 21st June?
The 21st of June is also known as the “Summer Solstice”, which is the longest day of the year. It is received from 177 nations to celebrate Yoga Day on 21st June. Therefore, it is celebrated as International Yoga Day.

Who declared the International Yoga Day on 21st June?
The 177 member states of UNGA appreciate the idea of PM Narendra Modi and announced that 21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day.

The theme of the Yoga Day 2022
The theme of this year of the International Yoga Day is ” YOGA FOR HUMANITY”.

Some previous themes of International Yoga Day

  • In 2015: Yoga for ‘Harmony and Peace’
  • In 2016: Yoga for ‘Connect with Youth’
  • In 2017: Yoga for ‘Health’
  • In 2018: Yoga for ‘Peace’
  • In 2019: Yoga for ‘Heart’
  • In 2020: Yoga at ‘Home’ and Yoga with ‘Family’
  • In 2021: Yoga for ‘Wellness’
  • In 2022: Yoga for ‘Humanity’

Importance of Yoga in Everyone’s Life
It is a way of living the aims of our healthy body and a healthy mind, it promotes and makes a person physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger. It involves asanas, aerobics, physical exercises, pranayama, etc. These exercises recharge our body with some cosmic energy and it facilitates:

  • Promotes self-healing
  • Helps in making our body flexible
  • It removes toxins from our body and opens the pores of the body
  • Hepls in attention, concentration, for childrens
  • Make people aware of diseases, and physical illnesses and give cures to these problems
  • It reduces stress and tension in our body and activates our body
  • It builds up body flexibility, strength and confidence
  • It plays a significant role in a student’s life: It improves concentration, and focus and motivates them to do study better, and leads to better grades.
  • Controls blood pressure, and blood sugar level, also lowers bad cholesterol and boosts up good cholesterol, reduces obesity, and gives a correct posture to our body.

Benefits of Yoga
Yoga makes you healthy both physically and mentally. It helps to manage stress and anxiety and keep relaxing, it makes our body flexible and gives strength to muscles, it also improves our respiratory system, regulrally doing the practice of yoga leads to weight loss, relieves stress, increases and boosts up our immunity, and gave a healthier lifestyle.
Yoga is a gift of India’s ancient tradition which is followed by the whole world today. It is a holistic approach to health and well-being, by changing our lifestyle doing yoga and exercising regularly on daily basis and making it a part of your life, it gives harmony between nature and people.

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