INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC BAG FREE DAY : 3 July 2022, Date, Significance, INDIA, History, QUOTES


INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC BAG FREE DAY is a global initiative to reduce the use of plastic. Plastic poses a serious threat to the environment and puts the next generation at risk, making this day extremely important.

DATE:-INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC BAG FREE DAY is observed every year on 3rd July to raise awareness of this vital issue.

SIGNIFICANCE:- The main motive of the day is to raise awareness of the harm and cause to the environment of the use of single-use plastic. It is concerning that single-use plastic takes more than 1000 years to dissolve in soil and is very harmful to the soil. Every year millions of tone plastic throw into the ocean that harming fish and wildlife. If plastic enters the food supplement, it can also be very harmful to human health.

INDIA:-Ahead of INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC BAG FREE DAY in INDIA, Government banned the single-use plastic from 1 July 2022 in Pan INDIA to reduce the use of plastic polybags. The violence of the ban could result in punitive action.

History:-Starting of the INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC BAG FREE DAY on 3rd July 2008 by REZERO, a member of Zero Waste Europe(ZWE) who initiated it. After a year in 2009, Zero Waste Europe(ZWE) introduced the INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC BAG FREE DAY in the EUROPIAN States. Through the impressive campaigns by ZWE, several countries take action to reduce the use of single-use plastic. THE EUROPIAN UNION Passed a guideline in 2015, to reduce plastic use consumption to 90 bags per person by 2018, and the directive hopes to reduce it to 40 bags per person by 2025.

QUOTES:- Some popular Quotes to inspire you,
A plastic pollution-free world is not a choice but a commitment to life – a commitment to the next generation.
The plastic pollution problem does not start in the middle of the ocean; [it] does not start on our shores or in our rivers: It starts on land. Solutions should be found on land, its source.
There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.
Plastic pollution is a global issue: killing wildlife, contaminating our oceans and waters, and lasting far longer than it is used.
Industrial pollution and the discarding of plastic waste must be tackled for the sake of all life in the ocean.

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